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marine-constructionOur team members are experts in dock construction and boat lift installation.      
We build everything from single private docks to whole marinas.

Docks & Marinas:

- docks, small jetties
- boat lifts
- recreational facilities
- complete marina construction
- seawalls


- Excavation           
- Clam shell                             
- Cutter Head 


Demolitions & Reconstructionscargo_pier_2-250

- AC Wathey Cargo Pier: We removed over 10,000 tons of concrete & debris in a depth of 50ft.
- St. Eustastius: We replenished the rock wall in the Harbour, removing 3000 tons of rocks from the seabed, and reconstructing the seawall.


Contact info

Cell: (721) 586-2347

Tel: (721) 545-5511
Fax: (721) 545-5512

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