Marine Construction E-mail
marine-constructionOur team members are experts in dock construction and boat lift installation.      
We build everything from single private docks to whole marinas.

Docks & Marinas:

- docks, small jetties
- boat lifts
- recreational facilities
- complete marina construction
- seawalls


- Excavation           
- Clam shell                             
- Cutter Head 


Demolitions & Reconstructionscargo_pier_2-250

- AC Wathey Cargo Pier: We removed over 10,000 tons of concrete & debris in a depth of 50ft.
- St. Eustastius: We replenished the rock wall in the Harbour, removing 3000 tons of rocks from the seabed, and reconstructing the seawall.

Pile Driving & Drilling E-mail
marine construWe have one of the most experienced teams of marine piling specialists in the region.

Pile Driving:

- We specialize in all types of piling for construction of docks, seawalls & foundations




- Augur Casting

Underwater Services E-mail
airlift-3We have an international team of top-notch commercial divers. The natural synergy between commercial diving and marine construction benefits our company and our customers alike.

Mooring Systems:
- Pile moorings
- Sand screw systems
- Anchor systems

Underwater Services:
- Hull cleaning
- Propeller polishing & repair
- Propeller removals
- Anode replacement
- Underwater fabrications - steel or epoxy
- Photography
- Surveys

Towing & Salvage E-mail

Scutter-2-Nov-08We have 4 towing vessels that can tow boats up to 200 tons within the Caribbean.
We have the ability to rescue &/or salvage vessels of any size. We offer emergency services within 100 NM of St. Maarten.

Equipment Available:
- 120ft x 35ft barge with 65 ton crane
- 165ft x 45ft barge with 100 ton crane
- We have over 500 tons of lift bags
- We have multiple high volume emergency pumps
- All tugs are equipped with cranes


SV Jaluca being lifted from the rocks
by the airport after Hurricane Earl 


The vessel Black Pearl broke free from her mooring  in Oyster Pond, St.Maarten.
We towed the semi-submerged wreck around the Island, and through the Simpson Bay bridge, using our tug Skutter, and lifted it aboard our barge in the Simpson Bay Lagoon




Equipment for hire E-mail
- Platforms for Pyrotechnics Displays

- 2 x H&M Vibro H-160
- 1 x APE HS-100
- Delmag D-12
- APE D-19
- Drills
- Vibratory pile driver/extractor hammers
- Diesel Hammers
- APE Model 20 drill with 260 power unit


Contact info

Cell: (721) 586-2347

Tel: (721) 545-5511
Fax: (721) 545-5512

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