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Island Projects


            Anguilla 001-250  Anguilla 002-250

Barges in Anguilla

                       Anguilla 003-250  Anguilla 04-250

Building Rock Breakwaters in Anguilla



Sail boat lift Aquamarina

Sailboat lift, Aquamarina, St Maarten


Aquamarina Dock  Aquamarina boatlift

Aquamarina dock and Aquamarina boat lift


Porto cupecoy boat lift  Boat lift Porto Cupecoy 

Boat lifts Aquamarina, St Maarten

                                 Docks at Porto Cupecoy    Docks at Porto Cupecoy, St Maarten


New dock project St Martin  New dock - Lowlands St Martin

 New dock Lowlands, St Martin


 Plastic wood dock and boat lift Aquamarina  More plastic wood

 Plastic 'wood' docks at Aquamarina, St Maarten


         Driving sheet piles - Great Bay Philipsburg St Maarten  Geat Bay Cargo Pier            

 Driving sheet piles for new cargo pier, Great Bay, St Maarten


Port job St Maarten  Cargo pier 

Work in the port, Great Bay, St Maarten 

AMCON is a well-established, highly professional marine construction and commercial diving company based in St. Maarten.

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Cell: (721) 586-2347

Tel: (721) 545-5511
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vhf #14/16


When a tornado flipped our catamaran upside down during Hurricane Omar, AMCON was there to help. They righted our boat quickly, preventing further damage to the vessel, and recovered important documents. Amcon with their skilled personnel and specialized equipment, helped us solve a major problem and made the disaster more manageable.

Vince & Emily Mayberry